Det har länge ryktats om Corvetter med mittmotor men frågan är om det ligger sanning i de senaste ryktena…

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Although it’s still wearing plenty of camouflage, it appears to be a bit more advanced than previous prototypes.
The mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette has long been rumored and now it’s becoming reality as the American automaker has been spied testing prototypes numerous times. The latest test car appears to be wearing production-intent bodywork. The photos come just as the Chevrolet Corvette assembly facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky began its summer shutdown on July 28 to prepare for 2018 model year production. Rumor has it the lengthy shutdown is to make the necessary changes to prepare for production on the mid-engine Corvette. The facility won’t open again until October.
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Little is known about the mid-engine Corvette as Chevrolet has yet to even acknowledge it exists or that it’s in development. There’s still a possibility the sports car will be sold under the Cadillac nameplate.
As for powertrain, latest speculation is that it will use a version of the 6.2-liter V8 in today’s Corvette, but with a supercharger for additional performance. There are also rumors that a twin-turbo V6 engine would be used as a base engine.


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